Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wedding party Gifts

My bridesmaids and Casey's groomsmen are 6 special people and when we decided we would ask them to be in our wedding, we wanted to do it in a very special way. I looked through Pinterest and found a BUNCH of cute ideas for the girls but very few for the guys...

The Bridesmaids:
I bought each girl their favorite bottle of wine (2 buck chucks from Trader Joes) and ordered labels from Etsy that said "I would be so honored if you would be my Bridesmaid" (My sister's said Maid of Honor).

I also made them each a cute little box from some felt in our wedding colors and stuck a ring pop inside with a piece of paper saying "Now its my turn to POP the question"

They were a hit!

The Groomsmen:
Like I said, I had a hard time finding an idea so I came up with my own. I wrapped the guys favorite 6 pack and then tore it open at the top and took a beer out and duct taped a card over the hole saying... "Will you take ONE for the team and be my groomsman" (for Scott it said Best Man). The guys loved getting the beer but gave me a hard time about how you NEVER take a beer out of a 6 pack if you are giving it as a gift... All the girls thought it was cute!

These gifts were just fun little gifts to ask them to be a part of our big day next year. I cant wait to actually pick out their real gifts we will give them at the rehearsal dinner... any ideas?

Want to check out our wedding website? Be my guest... http://lassiterflowers.ourwedding.com/

Stay Krafty!
Love Krafty Karen

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