Monday, March 11, 2013

Flower Girl Gifts

This past weekend my sister (aka my Maid-of-Honor), Val and her husband (aka one of Casey's groomsmen), James threw us an engagement dinner. The dinner was a chance for me and Casey to ask our friends and family to be a part of our bridal party! Later I will blog on how I asked my Bridesmaids and how Casey asked his Groomsmen... this blog today is all about our Flower Girls.

Our Flower Girls are my nieces, Madalynn and Audrynn. They were promised the job LONG time ago and even if I didn't get married til they were 18 and 16, they would have still been the Flower Girls... just the way life goes! They are 10 and 8, they will be 11 and 9 when the wedding happen... not to old and not to young! I wanted a FUN way of asking them to be in our wedding and I remembered that they have been talking about twizlers for a few days now so I figured I would make them some sort of candy basket... It turned out way better then I even imagined and the girls (and their mom, Val) loved it.

1st I stopped at the Dollar Section at Target and bought 2 cute metal buckets,1 bag of fun sized twizlers and 4 boxes of candy. I had to stop at Dollar Tree for the styrofoam squares, they are in the flower section. I had the wooden sticks at home (that I spray painted) and I got busy with my glue gun.

Here is how I made them...
Step 1: I hot glued one of the styrofoam squares into the metal bucket
Step 2: I spray painted the wooden sticks (which I bought at Hobby Lobby a while back)
Step 3: I glue tissue paper on top of the styrofoam square to cover the green up, it was ugly and then I stuck some twizlers down on the side to fill the empty space.
Step 4: I made a cute little card out of some extra craft paper that reads "It would be so SWEET of you if you would be our Flower Girl" - I hot glued this to the metal bucket.
Step 5: I glued the wooden spray painted sticks to the back of each box of candy
Step 6: I carefully stuck the sticks down in the styrofoam that was glued into the bucket
Step 7: Stand back and be amazed at your creation!!

I spent $6 on each candy bucket for the girls and they were a big hit!!!

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