Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Cards

I found some REALLY cute cards on Etsy but I am cheap and decided I could make them myself! With a little help from publisher, I did just that!

For the thank you cards, I created a blank template in publisher that is half a letter sized piece of paper and at the bottom I drew out a text box. I typed in what I wanted the card to say and made it all pretty! When I was done, I printed the cards out on card stock paper. When you print it, you will get 2 cards on one page... just cut the letter sized page in half and then fold the cards in half and BAM! You have a thank you card! - You can even turn a text box upside down at the top of the template and write something that will be on the back side of the card!

For the envelopes, I just bought a box from my local store and then cut craft paper to fit inside the flap of the envelopes. I used my spray adhesive to glue them down and waited for them to dry, then I folded at the crease... I have to say, they look so great!

Why spend money on something you can make yourself... plus this gives it way more meaning!

Stay Krafty (and thrifty)!
Love, Krafty Karen

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