Monday, March 18, 2013

Shabby Chic Plate Setting

I have a 3rd eye that my fiance does NOT have and sometimes when I get a vision, he has to just put his seat belt on and (try to) enjoy the ride. Sometimes it turns out ugly and horrible and he is left wondering what is wrong with me (this happens very rarely)... but then most of the time it turns out better then what I could every imagine!!! This is the case for what I came up with for our table settings for the wedding...

Our theme is a very "Shabby Chic meets Country"... LOVE IT! I wanted the table settings to really help pull this theme together. Before looking at the photo please keep in mind that the centerpieces aren't 110% done. They will be raised on some kind of wood bases to create some height and then each mason jar will have water and a floating candle. There will be a white table cloth with burlap and lace as well.

The plates I bought from Good Will on half price day. I spent a total of $6 on each table... the plates will either go home with my guest or be left at the reception for us to re-donate to the YWCA to help single Mom's set up their new homes.

***Please note this isn't a final table setting (hence the mismatch forks and spoons)... this is just something I set up for my Fiance to see so he could fall in love with my idea!***

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