Monday, September 23, 2013

Dallas Cowboys Birthday Party

This past weekend was my son’s 4th birthday party and I want to share a few of the decorations I made!

1st up is the field goal post – I have seen these on pinterest made out of PVC and I really wanted to make them, however I did not want to spend any more money then I already had. I was wrapping his birthday presents and it hit me… use the empty roll from the wrapping paper and paint it yellow!!! I found 4 rolls and cut 3 holes in one of them. The middle hole I used for the stand, the 2 holes on the outside I used for the arms of the post. I hot glued each in place and then painted it yellow. I needed a way for it to stand up and so I looked around my house and then decided to use my paper towel holder!!! It was perfect size and supported the post very nicely.

2nd is the banner – I had some leftover fabric from making my Dallas Cowboys dress (see my blog for the how to) and so I cut out triangles and then hot glued them on the a laundry rope that just happened to be blue! For the letters I just printed out his name on card stock from my printer and cut each one out and hot glued it.

3rd is the popcorn bleachers – I have seen bleachers made out of wood for cupcakes to sit on… well we didn’t have cupcakes but I still wanted the bleachers. I decided to have a popcorn bar so I bought those cute football theme popcorn holders and glued a cute little football related Thank You to each one. My fiancĂ© brought up the idea of putting each one of those popcorn holders on the bleachers. I had some foam board leftover so I took the measurements for the wood (from pinterest) and cut out the foam board. I then just hot glued everything together and painted it all blue to match the party (really didn’t matter because you couldn’t really see them anyways). They were kind of flimsy but they worked perfect for the party and I received a lot of compliments on them.
4th – Football cake – I found this cake on Pinterest and sent my bakery (The Rolling Pin, Fort Worth Texas) the picture and she came up with this! Go check her out on Facebook and Instagram!!!

We had a blast at the party and Caleb kept telling me it was his best birthday every… heck he is only 4!!! Haha!