Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old Desk Turned Cake Table

I have been wanting to find an old desk that I can turn into a cake table for our wedding... last weekend, Casey's aunt found us one!!! She spotted it outside on the curb (her neighbors are moving) and quickly claimed it. I was so excited when we went over there to pick it up... it is exactly what I have been wanting.

We brought it home and I was so anxious that I started work on it that night! I had a small amount of sealer left from my last couple projects so I went to town covering every last inch of the desk. I then drove up to a local store and bought some cheap spray paint. I didn't buy the expensive stuff because, 1. I know this stuff does not run and 2. because I knew I was going to antique the desk out so if it did mess up, I could just antique that one spot.

After I antiqued it, I sprayed it down with a gloss spray and it was done! Casey and I stood back and just smiled... it is perfect! We have a little less than a year to the wedding so until then, we will be using it in the entry way of our house.

This project cost me a total of $2 (+tax)!!!

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