Monday, October 29, 2012

Homemade Mummy Costume - 1st place baby!

Me and my son have been going around and around with what he is going to be for Halloween. He keeps saying he wants to be a Fireman and I keep saying no (everything in our house and in our lives is about Fireman and so we need something different this one day)! I just couldn't think of WHAT. I enlisted the help of friends on Facebook and one of them mentioned a mummy. You see, I hate spending $20 (or more) on a plastic cheap looking costume that he will wear for a few hours and out grow before next year. When the mummy costume was mentioned, I quickly YouTube ( directions on how to make one. It looked very simple and easy so off to the store I went.

How to make a Mummy Costume!!!

What you will need:
1 flat white sheet ($4.47)
White face make up (already had)
Black eyeshadow (already had)
1 long sleeve white shirt or turtle neck (already had)
1 pair of white tights ($1.97)

Step 1: Cut the sheet into 2 inch strips (I think I got about 30-40 out of a twin size sheet and it wrapped my 3 year old who is as tall as most 5 year old)

Step 2: Boil a pot of water and a couple of tea bags and then soak the strips in the pot

Step 3. Rinse the strips and then dab black paint in various locations of the strips

Step 4: Place in a pillow case (tied tightly with a ribbon) in the dryer

Step 5: Take the strips from the dryer and tie about 4 to 5 together, repeat 4 times. You should have some extra strips left over which will come in handy later

Step 6: Dress the child in the tights (put the tights over his/her shoes) and the white shirt. Make sure you tuck the shirt into the tights, this will really help you when your lil mummy has to potty.

Step 7: Start wrapping the child starting at his/her legs.
*Helpful hint - I did each leg and then made kind of a diaper looking wrap so it would be easy to take him to the bathroom. I then wrapped his chest and shoulders and went down each arm. I wrapped his head last. Oh and make sure you wrap them tightly and maybe use some safety pins so when they start walking it doesn't just fall off.

Step 8: Apply the white face make up and then go around the eyes and cheek bones with some black eyeshadow.

Step 9: Stand back and enjoy your master piece!!

My son won 1st place out of over 30 children at a costume party this past weekend. I am a very proud parent!!

Oh and side note: Wednesday at school they get to dress up and since the mummy costume is to hard to go to the potty in without help from me, Caleb will be a (drum roll please) Fireman! So really at the end of the day we both got our ways...

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