Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Tree

One rainy day, Caleb and I were so bored and had really nothing to do. Days like that, I usually end up in my craft room searching for things to pop out at me and BEG me to use them. This particular day, I spoted a plain 8X11 white canvas that I had forgot all about (which is odd because when I buy something I usually use it that same day). I got on Pinterest and started searching for a projct we could do... We already did the crayon art and I didn't want him to just color on this canvas. I came across a wedding guest book where all the guest put a thumb print on a "family tree" that had been painted onto the canvas. So neat!

I decided to do a Family Tree for me and Caleb! I went to work drawing the tree (while Caleb took a nap of course). I drew the tree in pencil and then went back over it with a brown fine tip marker. Anywhere the pencil showed through, I erased it and smeared it around the "branches"... it gave it a really cool shadow effect. I actually messed up a branch and made a heart out of it, so I decided to incorporate that into the tree as well.

I was finished and when Caleb woke up we went to town stamping our thumbs into ink and making our family tree complete. If you look at the bottom right hand corner you will see a green looking heart. Well, Caleb decided to touch the canvas there with his thumb so I got cleaver and put mine next to his and made a heart out of it.

It was a fun craft to be able to share with Caleb and something I will cherish all of my days! Oh and it was VERY inexpensive!!!

My co-workers liked my family tree so much that they decided to do a work tree for my bosses birthday. Each one of us in our group stamped our thumb prints (on a tree I drew) and then put our initals by them! ***Key, make sure you use a good ink and a dark color. One girl used pink on my bosses tree and it has since faded.

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