Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kristy's baby shower

My sweet friend/co-worker Kristy is having a baby in just a few weeks! The exciting thing is that she is not finding out the sex until the baby is born (something which I could NEVER do because I am SUCH a planner). She did this with her 1st baby, a little boy! I am crossing my fingers its a girl but everyone else in the office is saying it is a boy.

Since she is not finding out the sex, planning a baby shower was kind of tricky. I didn't want to do any animals or just plain Jane colors. One day, I was going through Pinterest and the gender reveal parties were catching my eye. I came across an idea of where the guest pick mustaches and lips to show their guess of the baby. So, that is when I decided that the party would be a little man/little lady baby shower!!

I went to Hobby Lobby (my favorite store ever) and bought pink and blue card stock and printed out lips and mustache templates. I cut them each out and then taped them to a skinny rod (also bought at Hobby Lobby in a pack of 30). I put white tissue paper down in the bottom of a vase and then tied a pink and white bow around it (because I am guessing girl) and then stuck all the lips and mustaches inside. This will be my center piece for the table at the shower! And it will also serve for some really fun shower photos...

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