Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating the big 3!

The party was a blaring good time! I couldn't have asked for better weather (cloudy and in the 80's) and the turn out was just uh-mazing. Casey and I arrived (with my oldest niece to help) at 11:45ish and started to turn the pavillion into Caleb's firestation. It was kind of hectic, even broke a piece of glass on my hand and I bled pretty bad, but it came together perfectly.



I picked up the cake before heading out to the park that morning. I was excited to see it, knowing that Megan Springer of The Rolling Pin (best bakery ever) would do an awesome job. Megan placed it in my car and then opened the lid... no lie, I started crying. It was the BEST cake I have ever seen before. I was crying becasue I knew how my sweet baby boy would react and the thought of the smile on his face instantly brought tears to my eyes. Well fast forward to the party... Caleb was with my sister while we sat everything up. Right at 1 pm, we finished and there comes Caleb from the parking lot. I ran to him (as much as this injuried person could run) and he ran towards me... really a scene out of a movie. I swooped him up and showed him everything. He kepts saying "Wow this is amazing!". Then the cake. I took him over to the table and he flipped out. He kept touching it making sure it wasnt a dream... He told me "Momma I love it, I want to keep it forever!"...

As the guest arrived, I let everyone just run around and play. There were kids playing with the Fire Corn-hole game, kids playing bubbles, coloring, writing with chalk, playing the fire truck, and getting tattoos. While everyone played and talked, Casey and my cousins cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs. It really was a GREAT party.


We ate, did presents, sang happy birthday and then cut the cake. Caleb couldn't wait to eat Fireman Sam... he was just so darn happy and I was too! We wrapped up with a tour of the local Fire station.

Hands down, it was the best party yet! Caleb is ready to do it again but this momma needs to rest atleast another 40 weeks before thinking about planning another party! I need a vacation, good thing our cruise is in 7 days!

Happy birthday week to my sweet baby boy! He will be 3 years old this Friday September 21st at 5:50 pm... he is my entire world, he is the reason I breathe, he is my everything! I love him to the moon and back and hope he has the best birthday ever!

Krafty Karen


  1. Thanks for posting! Gave me lots of great ideas for my sons fireman sam birthday! (found you from pinterest)

  2. Are you serious. My son is Caleb born September 21st.

    1. We will have a 1 year fireman's bithday this fall.

    2. We will have a 1 year fireman's bithday this fall.

  3. Are you serious. My son is Caleb born September 21st.

  4. Where did you find the fireman Sam cutouts?

  5. Hi , where can i get the bean bag toss game. Thank you in advance