Monday, November 26, 2012

Eddie the Elf

This year I decided that Caleb is now old enough to understand the concept of the Elf on the Shelf, so I purchased him one. I have been waiting a very long time to start this tradition and I am so happy that the time is finally here. In my house, we start decorating and celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. My boyfriend, Casey, had to work the day after so we decided to put the tree up and decorate it when we finished Thanksgiving dinner with his family. It was fun making those memories with 2 guys I really love (Casey and Caleb). Caleb being 3, has really gotten into the whole Christmas spirit. He loved decorating, he helped hang the Christmas lights on the house (even requested some be hung in his room), traded in his favorite blanket for a snowman blanket and has been wearing his Santa hat EVERY!!

I could go on and on about how excited he is, but this blog isn't about that... it is about how his momma, Krafty Karen, has teamed up with Eddie the Elf to make this Christmas a magical one.

Day 1: Eddie showed up at the house, we read the book, watched the movie and then I explained to him how important Eddie is. Caleb really understood, it was a proud Momma moment!

Day 2: Caleb woke up and found Eddie zip-lining through the house. His exact words were "Eddie is JUST like Buzz Lightyear!"

Day 3: Caleb looked all over the house and couldn't find Eddie, then he said "Maybe he is taking a bath" and went to the bathroom to find Eddie had pulled out his old training potty and had "pooped" M&M's... which Caleb LOVED eating.

Day 4: Caleb was in a BAD mood this morning, so much that I had to carry him to the living room and lay him on the couch. BUT when he noticed Eddie had put toilet paper all over the tree, he began to cheer up. Thanks Eddie, you saved this Momma a headache!!
I will continue to post pictures of how silly Eddie is over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned! Oh and if you have any cute ideas, leave me some comments and I will pass them on to Eddie!

Krafty Karen

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