Monday, December 3, 2012

More fun with Eddie the Elf

Since I have last blogged, Eddie the Elf has been very active in our house. Every morning, Eddie is one of the reasons Caleb is so "easy" to get out of bed. I go in his room and whisper, "Hurry come quick, see what Eddie is doing... it is SO funny!" If you know me at all, you know I am very dramatic and well when Caleb finds the Elf, nothing changes! I put on a huge show about how funny and silly Eddie is... Caleb quickly feeds off my excitment.

You ready to see what Eddie has been up to?!

Eddie coloring Caleb a picture

Eddie brought Caleb a snowman stuffed animal who helped Eddie read a book to all of Caleb's "friends"

When Caleb saw this he said "I see a 'C' and an 'A', what else does it say?" And then he stole a few beans and took them to school to show his teacher. I am now aware that kids are NOT allowed to take beans to school... oops! 

I guess after a week of traveling back and forth from our house to the North Pole, Eddie needed a shower! Caleb has been saying for the past week (when we would hunt for Eddie) that he thought Eddie was in the bathtub, well this morning he was RIGHT!!

In our house we believe in 3 things... God, Santa and the Dallas Cowboys! I think Eddie helped them pull off a win against the Eagles last night!

I guess Eddie ran into some trouble with Caleb's Army men! Caleb was very mad at his Army men for tying Eddie up, he was so mad the he knocked all his Army men down and told them to leave his friend Eddie alone! Love that sweet baby boy!

Stay tuned for more mischief from Eddie as the month goes on!

22 more days until Santa comes!!!

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