Monday, November 12, 2012

Bulk Trash Day - Rolling Chair

I think bulk trash day is my new favorite day of the month. Every 1st Monday of the month, my city has bulk trash day. This is where you can leave out ANYTHING and the city will come around and pick it up for you. The city will or I will...

I have turned Casey (my loving boyfriend) into a fan of this day as well... My brother in law also found some treasures this past Monday. People throw out anything, I mean anything! You just have to have a Krafty Karen eye to see the potential in the "trash". Some of the things we found, we didn't have to do a thing to other than wipe down and then post to sell. We have made about $20 so far off what Casey has picked up. Plus we have potential to make more as I get around to flipping some of the items.

Today I am going to share a chair with you. This chair was hideous, broken, dirty and Casey wanted to leave it on the side of the road. BUT, I made him pick it up. I have since changed his mind about this chair. I used things I had at home (fabric and paint) and flipped it from a piece of trash to something someone will buy. I have to say, I am very proud of this chair.

To begin, I took the chair apart as much as I could. I threw away the right arm of the chair because the left one was missing a piece. I then took the cushion and took the old fabric off. I found a pretty blue/turquoise piece of fabric in my Kraft room that was perfect size. I recovered it (using a staple gun). Then I went to town sanding down the chair. This actually didn't take to long, I usually make Casey sand everything down but he wasn't at the house that night and I didn't want to wait. After I sanded it down, I went on a hunt in my house to find paint. I found a black can and a brown can of paint... which the black had more paint in it so the black won. I have to say, I am pretty darn proud of my trashy chair!!!

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