Thursday, September 13, 2012

Caleb's 3rd Birthday

Where has the time gone?! My baby boy is turning 3 years old. His birthday is 9/21 but we are having his party this weekend 9/15. For the past 2 years we have had John Deere birthdays (the 1st was a hoe down and the 2nd was a construction party). This year he has fallen in love with Fireman Sam (a british Fireman who lives in Ponty Pandy). He wanted a Fireman Sam party so that is exactly what he is going to get!!!

I decided to blog about what I have already done and next week I will reblog about how it all turned out...

1st - I had a fence panel in our backyard with no purpose. I decided to paint Fireman Sam and use it as a backdrop for a photo opp.

2nd - The invites: Fireman Sam is a DVD that Caleb found at Target one day. I decided the invites needed to be a DVD as well. I made the cover all about Caleb, the insert inside the DVD was his invite, the DVD doesnt really work but it had a link on it for guest to go watch Caleb inviting everyone to his party ( Thanks to Ali and my wonderful boyfriend Casey for helping!

3rd - I painted a cartoon looking flame on a piece of plywood and had Ali's dad cut it out and cut holes into it. I also bought felt and a bag of beans and made my own homemade bean bags. The kids will be able to play a simple game of cornhole!

4th - I dont have a cupcake holder... (sad day)... so I made my own (happy day)! I used a sturdy wrapping paper roll, cardboard, spray paint and red duct tape. Then I topped it with a fireman hat!!

5th - Every birthday party needs a Fire Truck! So I called my local hardware store (Lowes) and they pulled me a freezer box and a dryer box. I cut out windows and a door, taped it all together with the red duct tape and painted it. Caleb LOVES it...

6th - Pinata time! Yes, I made a homemade pinata! Hahaha... It was fun and only cost $1. I cut out 2 number 3's and then taped them together (red duct tape) with a 2 inch piece of cardboard between them. I then made fringe out of tissue paper and glued it on. I am going to use it for table decor and then let the kids whack it!

7th - Birthday present! My aunt had a little tykes table that was my cousins on his 1st birthday (he is now 19). I sprayed painted it and then covered the table and seats with fire fighter fabric and vinyl... LOVE IT.

8th - Birthday banner was easy as pie! I just cut out squares out of scrapbook paper and then stenciled on each letter. Then I taped each one to ribbon! It says "Happy Birthday Caleb"

9th - Stand up Fireman Sam... So I found these on a website a pack of 5 for $20. Heck, I just printed pictures on cardstock paper, cut them out and then made a stand. Going to be standing up on the cake table and thrown away later and I paid $0!!!

10th - Bubble refill was borrowed from a friend (Kaitlyn) and I asked all my other friends for extra bubbles around their house. Before you knew it I was turning bubbles down...

11th - Utensil holders were made from a can of corn and a can of beans (Caleb's favorites). I used the left over paper from the birthday banner and some mod podge (my best friend) and went to town!

There is more but this is all I have pictures of now! I cant wait to share pictures of the whole thing put together so check back next week...! Oh its suppose to rain, so please pray it atleast waits until AFTER the party! I did rent a pavillion so if it does rain our guest will stay dry until it is time to head over to the local Firestation and take a tour!

Y'all have a great day!
Love, Krafty Karen aka Caleb's Momma!!!!


  1. Hi!!! How did you make your pinata? I love your ideas for Fireman Sam Party, especially since it is a U.K. based program. I am blown away at the invite. You are a talent!
    Thank you, Stacy

  2. Hi Stacy! Thank you for the sweet compliment!

    The pinata was a fun little chore. I cut out 2 big #3's out of cardboard and then used the left overs to tape around the edges. I am thinking a #4 is going to be much easier, or at least I hope it will. For the fringe, I used tissue paper and glue. The tissue paper I cut into strips and then fringed it by cutting small slits all the way down the strip. I glued on a strip but left the fringes flapping in the wind and glued another strip right under it.

    Fireman Sam is a MUST HAVE in our house. My son found it at Target one day in the $5 section and since then he has been hooked even though everything I buy him related to Fireman Sam cost an arm and leg since it does come from the UK. That is why I made a lot of my own stuff for the party...