Thursday, August 30, 2012

Howdy Y'all

My sweet wonderful fun loving girlfriends came up with a name for me after I had completed a few projects for them... they call me Krafty Karen! I have come to LOVE this name and it has driven me to become even more krafty then I already am! A few of my favorite things to kraft are basically anything and everything if it comes to my son (Caleb), flipping furinture (big and small) and anything that is for a friend or family member. Basically, I love to do it all.

This blog is going to be my journal about my completed projects, kind of like a how to blog. I will tell you where I found the idea, where I bought my supplies and how I completed the task at hand. I have to warn you, not all my projects turn out... dont worry, for a good laugh I will post all my fails too! I mean life wouldnt be fun if you were perfect 24/7. Oh and I am in LOVE with Pinterest, so any ideas I get off Pinterest I will give props to the orginal site and then show you how my project turned out.

Stay tuned for tomorrow... I am going to be blogging about 2 ADORABLE little girls chairs I have made this summer for 2 sweet 1 year olds (Faith & Taylin).

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