Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Princess to Zebra Mirror

My sister has been moving and we all know when you move you end up throwing away a lot of "crap" you really don't need anymore. One of the things she wanted to get rid of was a princess mirror that was in one of my nieces rooms... well instead of throwing it away, she asked me to re-do it! Since it was for one of my nieces I of course said yes!!! I love being their Aunt Jay!

The mirror had a yellow heart sticker on the crown and a big sticker on the mirror... it is something that would have been trash to anyone who didn't have Krafty Karen as their sister. My nieces room is done in hot pink, lime green and zebra so my sister wanted it painted zebra and rhinestones to line the mirror. Please note that the rhinestones will be added later due to my sister having surgery and we have not made it to Hobby Lobby yet. 

How I flipped this piece:
1. I detached the mirror and scrubbed it with a Brillo pad, hot water and soap to take the sticker off
2. I sanded down the frame - the sander had no problem taking the sticker off
3. I painted the frame white - ended up doing 2 coats.
4. I then started painting zebra lines
5. I will go back later and add rhinestones to the frame line the mirror

Here is the before and after!

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